H2O water park

Benifits:- Unlimited water rides

H2O water park Entry fee:-

Days Adult Child Group Adult
Monday ₹850 ₹550 ₹850
Tuesday ₹850 ₹550 ₹850
Wednesday ₹850 ₹550 ₹850
Thursday ₹850 ₹550 ₹850
Friday ₹850 ₹550 ₹850
Saturday ₹850 ₹550 ₹850
Sunday ₹850 ₹550 ₹850

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For group Booking Contact call Us:- +91 9702899337

Or Email Us:- sandeep@piknik.in

H2O water park Address:- NH 211, Vitkheda - Ellora Rd, near Daulatabad, Fort, Daulatabad, Maharashtra 431005

H2O water park Phone:- 93252 62777


H2O Waterpark is owned and managed by Deogiri Resorts Pvt Ltd. Being the only Waterpark in Marathwada and City of Aurangabad, H2O is aesthetically located in the valley of Daulatabad overlooking the famous Devgiri Fort and enroute to the gateway of the world famous Ellora caves. The Waterpark is spread over 14 acres of land and is located 13 kms on the Aurangabad Ellora Tourism Gateway. Set at Daulatabad, H2O Waterpark has thick foliage, palms and coconut grooves.
H2O Water Park Time:- 10AM-6PM

How to Reach H2O water park

  • The park is conveniently located just 200 meters off the main Aurangabad-Ellora Road, making it easily accessible. It's approximately 20 kilometers away from the city, so you can reach it in about 30 minutes by car.
  • If you're coming from the city center, the park is around 13 kilometers away.
  • From the railway station, it's about a 14-kilometer journey.
  • If you're flying in, the park is approximately 21 kilometers from the airport.
  • Ellora Caves, a popular tourist destination, are just 15 kilometers away from the park.
  • Additionally, Devgiri Fort is only 1 kilometer away, making it convenient to explore both attractions in one trip.
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    Answer And Question

    Q:- What is the price of H2O water park ?

    A:- H2O water park price for adults is ₹800 and children have ₹500.

    Q:- Who is the owner of H2O water park ?

    A:- The owner of H2O water park is Deogiri Resorts.

    Q:- What is the contact number of H2O water park Aurangabad ?

    A:- H2O water park aurangabad contact number is +91 9325262777.

    Q:- H2O water park located in Mumbai ?

    A:- No, H2O water park located in Aurangabad.